Mornington Village Market

The Wednesday Mornington Main Street Market began over 30 years ago and is one of the longest running street markets in Victoria. The market has become a significant visitor attraction for the area with people coming from far and wide to sample the many homemade crafts, home grown plants and produce and to soak up the vibrant atmosphere for which the market has become well-known.

For administrative convenience the Market, in different sections of Main Street is controlled by different operators, however the market operates under the same rules and guidelines. Mornington Village Shopping Centre administers the section of the Market located outside the shopping centre. To maintain the character and integrity of the Market, Mornington Peninsula Shire has guidelines controlling the type of products that can be sold.

The products offered for sale should be homemade, home-grown, home-baked or home-raised and produced or grown by the stallholders. No second-hand goods or live animals can be sold at the market. Services shall be of a type to complement the Market’s homemade, home-grown or home-raised theme or to otherwise enhance the ambience of the Market.

For market stall inquires please email